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Download AccountiX Trial Modules:

The function of the page is to provide the capability of downloading the Trial modules of AccountiX.  Load the files into /tmp. The following modules are required:

                    Files                                        Size   

     1. Trial Module Ver 1.1 (Linux)          4.12 KB
          (Full Version - Includes MA, JC, TB, FA)
     2. Trial Module Ver 1.2 (Unix)            5.587 Kb
          (Full Version - Includes SO, AR, PO, AP, GL & SM)
     3. README file                                        1KB    
     4. Fox Runtime                                   1,086KB

To install the package, create a directory "u".  Load the downloaded files into this directory.  Unzip the files with the command "tar xvzf <file name>".  This will create a directory "AX" with the application files as subdirectories.   Copy the Fox Runtime file to the root directory, "/".  Additional modifications will need to be made to the system for the Fox Runtime to execute correctly in the LINUX environment.  A detailed discussion of these changes is provided at Dennis Allen has done a great deal of research on this subject and a review of his article will provide the necessary information to execute Fox Runtime.  Select "FoxPro for UNIX 2.6 FAQ" on his WEB page.  You may also view the FoxPro page here.

The Administrator login name is "ADMIN" and the password for the Administrator is "MASTER".  User "DEMO" with a password of "DEMO" is also included.  Systems Manager will use the user "ADMIN" and password of "MANAGER".  To view the Salesman control,
users DOUGG and HQTR have been added.  These users have a salesman code added to their User file.  When logged in with these user names, you will only be able to work on customers having the same salesman code.

If you have trouble downloading, give us a call and we will send you a Trial Cd. 

If you have any problems running the Trial version,  please do not hesitate to give us a call. 

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