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AccountiX Time Billing provides complete timekeeping and billing accounting with balance forward accounts receivable. Extensive analysis by client, employee, service code, and job/case numbers show you exactly where time is spent.
Highlights of Time and Billing   Standard Reports
Highlights of Time Billing
  • Provides accounting for up to 99 companies with an unlimited number of clients and employees
  • Allows both billable and non-billable entries and extensive comments
  • Tracks data entered from employee timesheets and individual postings to client records
  • Provides automatic computation and billing of finance charges for selected clients
  • Tracks work in progress
  • Prints statements for all or selected clients
  • All reports can be displayed in scrolling windows, saved to a file, or sent to a printer
  • Maintains and generates recurring billings with user-defined periods and frequencies
  • Computes and applies tax to billings. Supports line item or Value Added Tax (VAT) with as many as 26 user-defined codes
  • Analyzes transactions by client, account, service, responsible employee, and assigned employee
  • Generates and prints pre-billing worksheets
  • Tracks responsible and assigned employees
  • Allows comparison of cost versus income
  • Generates and prints invoices for all billed transactions, including comments
  • Supports entering, applying, and tracking Retainers
  • Displays or prints up to 24 months of Client and Service Billing History
  • Designates customer accounts as either Open Item or Balance Forward
  • Accepts non-receivable cash receipts (i.e., interest payment by bank) and posts them to General Ledger
  • Maintains a zip code index for printing mailing labels
  • Provides warning when a client exceeds available credit limits and Retainer balances
  • Provides for unlimited notes on client records
  • Select client records according to full or partial client ID, telephone number, or from pick lists
  • Provides for user-defined receivables aging
  • Provides user-changeable screen labels for Employee, Client, Service, and Case
  • Can be used separately or linked with General Ledger, Job Cost and Accounts Receivable
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Standard Reports
  • Approve to Bill ReportSend more Stuff!
  • Billing Analysis
  • Business Status Report
  • Case File
  • Case Folder Labels
  • Cash Receipts
  • Client Aging Report
  • Client File
  • Client Invoices
  • Client Ledger Listing
  • Client Mailing & Folding Labels
  • Client Statement (Summary & Detail)
  • Comment File
  • Employee File
  • Employee Mailing & Folder Labels
  • General Ledger Linking Codes
  • Journal Report
  • Recurring Billings
  • Selected Labels
  • Service File
  • Service Labels
  • Time Analysis
  • Transaction Audit Report
  • Worksheet by Client, Case, Transaction, Responsible, or Assigned Worksheets in Progress

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