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AccountiX System Manager
System Manager is the core of your AccountiX system, combining powerful utilities and system-wide administrative functions into a single control center.  It houses critical system passwords along with customer, vendor, inventory item codes.

System Manager is required.

Highlights of System Manager
System Manager Standard Reports
System Manager Specifications
Highlights of System Manager
  • Manages multi-user access and controls key assignments
  • Allows you to change "key values," such as customer, vendor and item inventory numbers--and automatically updates all data files and creates audit trails
  • Provides for changing company information, re-indexing files, or adding new companies for any installed AccountiX application
  • ReadyView file browsers allow you to create "read-only" data views on any file. Views can be password protected and are available via hotkey
  • Business Status Report provides real-time forecast of revenue, checks expenses, cash flow and gross margin
  • Context-sensitive help system
  • Maintains lookup tables and centralized password controls for data entry validation--add, change or delete passwords and lookup tables for any company or AccountiX application
  • Displays system configuration information
  • Stores information about your database files and index keys in a dictionary, and lets you define custom sort tags on any of your files
  • Printer setup lets you define unlimited shared and local printers, specify default printers for specific reports and forms, and offers a pick list of printers when you are ready to print
  • All system-generated reports can be displayed in scrolling windows, saved to a file or sent to a printer
  • Lets you clear multi-user flags for any selected company
  • Allows distribution of data files across multiple file servers
  • Prints labels for any customer, vendor or inventory item for any VisionPoint application
  • Includes library of functions for development of custom applications
  • Can be integrated with all modules by combining utilities and system-wide functions into a single application.
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System Manager Standard Reports
  • Business Status Report
  • Key Change Audit Log
  • Key Change List
  • System Configuration
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System Manager Specifications
Maximum number of companies: 99

Up to 15 levels of password protection for each application

Supports any number of users on a single LAN and/or serially connected

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