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 Release 1.1 is now available!
  • Schedule appointments for each of you employees with their individual customers.  Appointments can be scheduled individually, or in multiples.  The multiple appointments can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually. Timing of the appointments is provided with the minutes converted to decimal equivalence for billing purposes.  In addition to scheduling personal appointments, telephone logging is provided.  This function will facilitate billing for support, etc.  Free form notes are provided and these notes from each appointment will be available from the customers master record. 

  • An Administrator is now required for the system.  The Administrator is the only user who can perform system tasks such as adding users to the system and maintaining master system information.  In addition, the Administrator is the only individual with the capability for closing periods and years.

  • Compatibility with Wal-Mart EDI 850 Format has been added.  To provide stronger search for Item Code, a UPC Code field has been added to the Inventory File.  Additional fields for Customer Vendor Number, Customer Item Code, Customer Size and Color Codes Have been added to the Sales Order Transaction and Sales Order Master files.   At the completion of the translation, capability has been added to provide Sales Order Pick Lists.   When the Sales Orders are shipped, a Packing slip can be generated for inclusion with the Order.

  • Additional user information has been added to the user file.  This consists of salesman code, cash drawer, employee addresses and telephone numbers.

  • User logins with encrypted passwords are standard

  • Sales Orders can now be now be printed as Laser Forms freeing the user from preprinted forms

  • Pick Lists for individual Sales Orders can now be generated as laser Forms.

  • Inquiries of historical information can now be displayed or printed in a date range.

  • Deposits may now be applied to Sales Orders.  This amount can be indicated when the Sales Order is printed with Laser forms.  When the Sales Order is converted to an Invoice, the payment will be applied to the  invoice. Cash Drawers are available with the new method of handling payments.  Cash Drawers are assigned to users thru the User Maintenance Screen.  Up to 999 cash drawers can be maintained.  The Cash Drawers total cash in and out, credit card receipts and checks received.  An individual may review his cash drawer utilizing a function key

  • Salesperson control is can now be implemented.  When this feature is selected, salesperson are only allowed to access their own accounts.  This can be extended to secretaries who only work with a specific salesperson.  This feature extends to cash receipts and reports.   Provision has been made to enable office personnel to work for multiple salespersons.  Customers can only be moved to another salesperson by the Systems Administrator.

AccountiX Sales Orders generates, schedules and maintains sales orders, order backlogs and inventory tracking.   Backorders are retained until shipments are completed or canceled. When linked to Accounts Receivable, invoices are automatically generated during shipment processing.

Highlights of Sales Orders
  • Supports line item or Value Added Tax (VAT) with as many as 26 user-defined codes
  • Designates customer accounts as either open item or balance forward
  • Maintains a zip code index for printing mailing labels and reports
  • Processes Wal-Mart 850 EDI format orders.
  • Prints Pick Lists and Packing Slips
  • Prints Sales Orders, Pick Lists and Packing Slips in Laser format.
  • Prints sales orders and COD tags
  • Deposits can now be accepted for Sales Orders.  This can be by credit card, cash or checks.
  • Displays or prints up to 24 months of customer sales and 36 months of item sales histories
  • Effects mass cost/price changes for selected inventory groups
  • Accepts multiple suppliers for the same inventory item
  • Allows special sales orders for bids or estimates
  • Customer and inventory balances are automatically updated with each transaction entered
  • Generates recurring sales orders
  • Business Status Report performs real-time financial data reporting for nearly 30 key business measurements, including Open Orders, Period-to-Date Orders and Shipments
  • Context-sensitive help system
  • Ability to change remaining open quantities after a shipment is entered
  • Supports printing sales orders individually or in batches, along with multiple copies
  • During sales order entry, allows on-line query of customer and inventory items
  • Maintains unlimited customer ship-to addresses
  • Allows you to hide costs on sales order entry, edit and shipment screens for better security
  • Accommodates serial number assignment during shipment entry
  • All system-generated reports can be displayed in scrolling windows, saved to a file or sent to a printer
  • Prints pick lists, extensive back-log reports and UPS COD tags
  • Provides warning when a customer exceeds available credit limits
  • Automatically calculates discounts on items ordered
  • Allows cost edits on a line-by-line basis
  • Provides system-wide data entry verification
  • Prints customer and inventory labels.
  • Can be used separately or linked with Accounts Receivable and General Ledger
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Sales Orders Standard Reports
  • Business Status Report
  • COD Tags
  • Customer File (Summary & Detail)
  • Customer Mailing & Folder Labels
  • Inventory File
  • Inventory Folder Labels
  • Inventory On Hand
  • Open Orders (Summary & Detail)
  • Operations Summary
  • Order Picking List
  • Order Packing List
  • Orders by Salespersons (Summary & Detail)
  • Physical Inventory Sheets
  • Recommended Reorders
  • Recurring Orders
  • Sales Order Mailing Labels
  • Sales Orders (on pre-printed forms and Laser Forms)
  • Sales Price List
  • Shipments (Summary & Detail)
  • System Comments
  • Transactions (Summary & Detail)
  • Detail Delivery Tickets can be attached to each Sales orders.
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Sales Orders Specifications
  • Maximum number of companies: 99
  • Maximum number of departments: 999
  • Maximum number of inventory items and customers: Limited only by disk space
  • Maximum credit limit: $9,999,999
  • Maximum YTD sales for customer: $999,999,999.99
  • Maximum sales order amount: $999,999,999.99
  • Maximum Customer Current Balance: $999,999,999.99
  • Maximum Sales Discount: 999.999%
  • Maximum Sales Tax: 999.999%
  • Maximum Unit Cost: $9,999,999.99
  • Maximum Line Item Order Quantity: 99,999
  • 35 character customer name
  • 6 character customer ID
  • 15 character inventory part number
  • 26 user-definable VAT codes
  • 35 character inventory description
  • 3 price levels
  • 24-month sales history
  • 36-month inventory history
  • On-line inquires available on: payments, receivables, invoices, orders, shipments
  • Costing method: Weighted Average
  • 390 character Notes (6 lines x 65 characters) available for customers and inventory items. Number of notes limited only by disk space
  • 6 lines of 78 character comments available on sales orders. Number of stored comments limited only by disk space
  • Fax number
  • Up to 12 levels of password protection
  • Sales Order Line Items include: Item number, description, required date, tax, sales/cost linking codes, order quantity, unit cost, unit price, discount percentage, sales tax, and extended price.
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