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Release 1.1 is now available!
  • An Administrator is required for the system.  The Administrator is the only user who can perform system tasks such as adding users to the system and maintaining master system information.
  • User logins with encrypted passwords are standard
  • Purchase Orders can now be now be printed as Laser Forms freeing the user from preprinted forms
  • Inquiries of historical information can now be displayed or printed in a date range.
  • The Vendor Contact system is available while in the Purchase Order System.

AccountiX Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders provides a complete purchase order processing system with inventory. It tracks goods and services 
ordered, automatically updates vendor and inventory account balances and supplies a variety of reports.

Highlights of Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders Standard Reports
Purchase Orders Specifications
Highlights of Purchase Orders
  • Prints purchase orders and handles receiving
  • Allows customer drop shipments and prints material receipts schedules
  • Reports inventory reordering and backorders, along with purchase order status by item, vendor and buyer
  • Displays or prints up to 24 months of vendor and 36 months of item purchase histories
  • Effects mass cost/price changes for selected inventory groups
  • Business Status Report performs real-time financial data reporting for nearly 30 key business measurements, including Open Purchase Orders and Period-to-Date Orders
  • Vendor and inventory balances are automatically updated with each transaction entered
  • Provides warning when a vendor's balance exceeds available credit limits
  • Generates recurring purchase orders
  • All system-generated reports can be displayed in scrolling windows, saved to a file or sent to a printer
  • Links with Accounts Payable to track liabilities and generate payments
  • Select vendor records according to full or partial customer ID, telephone number or from pick lists
  • Automatically records receipts for entire purchase order or line- by-line
  • Allows cost edits on a line-by-line basis
  • Accepts multiple suppliers for each inventory item
  • Allows special purchase orders for bids or estimates
  • Displays On-Hand Quantity, On-Order Quantity and Available Quantity during each purchase order entry
  • Allows cancellation of open quantities after receipt entry
  • Provides system-wide data entry verification
  • Allows addition of new vendors and inventory items during purchase order entry
  • Supports automatic or manual purchase order numbering.
  • Can be used separately or linked with Accounts Payable.
  • Shares information with Accounts Receivable and Sales Orders
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Purchase Orders Standard Reports
  • Backorder Report (Summary & Detail)
  • Business Status Report
  • Inventory File Report
  • Inventory Folder Labels
  • Inventory On Hand
  • Inventory Status
  • Inventory Suppliers
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Open Orders
  • Physical Inventory Sheets
  • Purchase Orders (on pre-printed forms)
  • Receipts (Summary & Detail)
  • Recommended Reorders
  • Recurring Purchase Orders
  • Status Report (by PO, Vendor, Item & Requisition Number, and Request Date & Department)
  • System Comments
  • Vendor File Report (Summary & Detail)
  • Vendor Labels
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Purchase Orders Specifications
  • Maximum number of companies: 99
  • Maximum number of departments: 999
  • Maximum number of inventory items: Limited only by disk space
  • Maximum number of vendors: Limited only by disk space
  • Maximum YTD purchase from vendor: $9,999,999.99
  • Maximum purchase order amount: $9,999,999.99
  • Maximum credit limit: $9,999,999.99
  • Maximum purchase discount: 99.999%
  • Maximum payment discount: 99.999%
  • Maximum sales tax rate: 99.999%
  • Maximum Current Vendor Balance: $9,999,999.99
  • Maximum Unit Cost: $9,999,999.99
  • Maximum Order Quantity: 9,999,999
  • Costing Method: Weighted Average
  • 6 character vendor ID
  • 35 character vendor name
  • 15 character inventory
  • 35 character inventory description
  • 24-month purchase history
  • 36-month inventory history
  • Up to 11 levels of password protection
  • On-line inquiries available on: purchases, orders, receipts, shipments, invoices, adjustments, payables, and checks
  • 390 character notes (6 lines x 65 characters) available for vendors and inventory items: Number of notes Limited only by disk space
  • PO line items include item number, description, order quantity, unit cost, requisition number (5 characters), department (3 characters), required date, taxable flag, sales tax rate & amount, and extended cost
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