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AccountiX Payroll
Payroll calculates and maintains payroll and labor distribution for hourly, salaried, commissioned and per-unit employees--and includes state and local taxes for all 50 states.  Payroll comes with your first year's Payroll Tax Subscription which includes updates as taxes change.
Highlights of Payroll
Payroll Standard Reports
Payroll Specifications
Payroll has been updated for 2002!  The tax table now contain tables for Idaho, Utah and Connecticut. The current table can be loaded here
Highlights of Payroll
Supports separate Social Security and Medicare withholding and reporting

Expanded W-2 support for Advance Earned Income Credit, non- qualified plans, dependent care, benefits, excess golden parachute payments and all other Box 13 items

Generates payroll checks in user-defined formats

Prints W-2s in the IRS-required format on magnetic media and paper; and on laser-printed forms

Automatically posts payroll for salaried employees

Tracks 2 local taxes

Calculates payroll for employees living in multiple states

Accommodates up to 8 user-defined deductions per employee

Calculates federal, state and local taxes for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington DC

Supports pretax deductions for pension plans, cafeteria plans and 401k plans

Using timesheet entry, automatically posts payroll for hourly employees according to start and end times

Calculates gross earnings for regular/overtime hours, salary, commission and piecework

Links to General Ledger to distribute each employee's expenses and employer tax liabilities to appropriate general ledger accounts

Provides hourly accrual rates for vacation, sick and personal time off

Processes overtime and double time for vacations

Calculates accruals based upon hours paid or worked, or per pay period

Accepts external postings from time clocks or other timesheet entry programs

Provides tax or wage reporting for pay-period or quarter-to-date periods

Includes the Equal Opportunity Report required by the federal government

Allows you to edit the amount withheld when combined wages and tips do not meet the tax liability

Provides W-2 fields for Allocated Tips, Cost of Group Term Insurance exceeding $50,000, Uncollected Tax on Tips, Fringe Benefits and Retirement Plans

Calculates monthly labor statistics required by the Department of Labor.

Can be used separately or linked with General Ledger

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Payroll Standard Reports
Accrued Time

Check Register

Deduction Report

Employee Folder Labels

Employee List

Employee Mailing Labels

Employee Payroll Checks

Employee Status

Employee Wages & Taxes

Equal Opportunity Employment Report

Federal Form 941

Insurance Payroll Report

Labor Distribution

Monthly Labor Statistics

Payroll Register

Posting Register

Project/Ledger Report

Setup Information Disk Usage Report

State Wages & Taxes

Tax Deposit Report

Tax File Report

W-2s (Printed & Magnetic Media)

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Payroll Specifications
8 user-defined deductions per employee

6 character project codes

6 character phase codes

4 character category codes

Payroll methods: Individual, Selective, Automatic (salaried employees only), and Manual

Withholding tax types: FWT, SWT, SDI, LOC1, LOC2, SUTA, Social Security, and Medicare

Types of federal tables: Single, Married, Head of Household

Tracks QTD and YTD payroll history for: Gross Pay, Hours Worked, Employee FWT, SWT, SDI, LOC1, LOC2, SUTA, Social Security, and Medicare, Employer FUTA, SDI, LOC1, SUTA, Social Security, and Medicare

Tracks complete employee history, including: hire date, last raise date, next raise date, last review, next review, and review period

Tax calculations for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C.

Accrues sick, vacation, and personal time

Supports the following pay types: Regular - Maximum pay rate $999,999.9999 (supports pay rate of 1/100 of a cent), overtime, sick leave, salary, other taxables, double time, vacation pay, tips, other non-taxables

Commission: Maximum rate 100%

Piecework: Maximum rate $999,999.9999

Up to 12 levels of password protection

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