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AccountiX Job Cost provides a fast and flexible budgeting and cost accounting tool for project and job cost management.  It lets you test, analyze, and adjust budgets before you make final decisions.  The program provides detailed reports of all job-related costs so you can monitor a project's progress and budget for future projects.
Highlights of Job Cost
  • Four-level system allows unlimited projects, phases, and categories, with an expense type for each category
  • Provides automatic generation of budgets and accounting information for each project and for all projects combined
  • Provides detailed audit trails for each posted individual cost
  • Maintains original estimates as well as current budgets and actual costs
  • Updates job costs from Accounts Payable and Payroll if linked
  • Generates bills, enters cash receipts, and ages receivables if linked to Time Billing
  • Transaction journal shows all project transactions
  • Reports client charges in full detail showing each project line item, in summary by expense type, or summarized by phase
  • Sample company data includes a construction company, law firm, and non-profit organization
  • Estimates can be printed in detail or in summary by phase or expense type to use in bidding jobs
  • When linked to Accounts Payable, provides 1099 capabilities and payments for individual contractors that can be recorded and charged directly to jobs
  • Allows use of templates for defining new projects
  • Budgets, phases, and categories can be copied from other projects or companies
  • Reports can be summarized by cost type (equipment, labor, materials, etc.)
  • All reports can be displayed in scrolling windows, saved to a file, or sent to a printer
  • Allows you to add new projects or new activities for in existing project at any time
  • Job records show unit of measure, budgeting quantity, actual quantity, budgeted cost per unit, and actual cost per unit
  • Automatically updates budget and actual cost totals when changes are made
  • Provides automatic mark-up of costs of unit pricing
  • Payment retention options allow customers to withhold a payment percentage until a specified date of contract condition is met
  • Look-up tables ensure accurate data entry
  • Estimates can be bypassed, so budgets and/or actual costs and charges can be used
  • New phases and categories can be entered as each project is entered
  •  Provides a zip code index for printing mailing labels
  • Computes and applies tax to categories based on line item or Value Added Tax (VAT) with as many as 26 user-defined codes
  • Select Client records according to full or partial client ID, telephone number, or from pick lists
  • Integrates with Payroll, Time and Billing and Accounts Payable
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Standard Reports
Activity by Category

Activity by Project
Category Listing
Cost Cross-Reference
Cost Variance
Customer Listing
Customer Mailing Labels
Estimate Report
Estimate Worksheet
Estimated Costs/Budgeted Costs
Phase Listing
Profit Analysis
Project Listing
Project Mailing & Folder Labels
Project Status (Summary & Detail)
Retention Status
Scheduling Worksheet
Transaction Journal
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