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AccountiX General Ledger with Budgeting

General Ledger provides complete general ledger and financial reporting capabilities, from individual journal entries to producing balance sheets and income statements. Built-in fund accounting also makes General Ledger an ideal program for non- profit organizations.
Highlights of General Ledger
General Ledger Standard Reports
F9 The Financial Reporter        
General Ledger Specifications
 Highlights of General Ledger
Maintains a unique chart of accounts for up to 99 separate companies

Provides general ledger and financial reporting for as many as 13 fiscal periods Records complete audit trails

Supports 3 types of automatic budget generation

Calculates 16 key business ratios

Details cash sources and uses on the Statement of Cash Flows report

Batch-entry system allows you to select single-step journal entry and posting, or to save un-posted entries for later completion

Context-sensitive help system

Maintains period-to-date and year-to-date balances for up to 2 years

Allows automatic budget creation and maintenance

Provides optional recurring entries for services, rent payments, etc.

Performs automatic reversal of accruals, recurring journal entries and analysis of over 20 key
business ratios

Maintains unlimited posting detail and includes option to purge according to user-defined dates

Optionally provides the ability to stamp reports with last sequential transaction number

All system-generated reports can be displayed in scrolling windows, saved to a file or sent to a

Supports profit center and non-profit fund accounting

Allows selection of specific posting batches from linked applications

Optional departmental accounting where you decide whether or not to departmentalize your chart of accounts and retained earnings.

Integrates with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll

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General Ledger Standard Reports
Account Types List

Balance Sheet

Budget Report

Chart of Accounts

General Journal

General Ledger

Income Statement

Ratio Analysis Report

Recurring Entries List

Statement of Cash Flows (Summary & Detail)

Statement of Changes

Trial Balance

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F9 The Financial Reporter

The F-9 Financial Reporter is a powerful spreadsheet tool that uses Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
to "hot link" General Ledger data to your favorite Windows spreadsheet. F9 The Financial Reporter is purchased as a separate module and includes the following:

Supports consolidation of multiple General Ledgers

Handles ranges, wildcards, and cell referencing for automatic analysis

All reports are composed and calculated from within the spreadsheet, so no programming is required

The Chart feature allows you to review your chart of accounts and paste it directly into your reports

Allows you to "drill down" through summary numbers to view individual account detail

Lets you create/edit budgets in your speadsheet and write them back to your General Ledger

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General Ledger Specifications
Maximum number of companies: 99

Maximum number of departments per company: 99

Maximum number of transactions: Limited only by disk space

Maximum transaction amount: $999,999,999.99

8 account types, 9 account subtypes each

8 character account structure: XXXXX-XXX (Accounting - Department)

35 character account description

12 or 13 accounting cycles

Up to 13 levels of password protection

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