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AccountiX Fixed Assets lets you track and depreciate your company’s assets automatically.  Because it supports an unlimited number of books and an unlimited number of depreciation calculations, you can use the appropriate formula for a given item.  Fixed Assets tracks original, adjusted and current asset value as well as acquired date and service date.  With direct links to Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets can automatically turn your purchases into fixed assets.
Highlights of Fixed Assets
  • Full on-line asset history
  • Unlimited books
  • Multiple component assets
  • Component additions
  • Pre-defined account numbers
  • Depreciation method switching
  • Book depreciation Restatement
  • Intra-company transfers
  • Component transfers
  • Asset disposals
  • Accounts payable integration
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Fixed Assets Standard Reports
  • AP Items Transferred to Fixed Assets Report
  • Asset Book Listing by Category Report
  • Asset Book Summary by Category Report
  • Asset Books by Company Listing Report
  • Asset Category Listing Report
  • Asset Class Lives and Recovery Listing Report
  • Asset Component Listing by Category Report
  • Asset Depreciation by Category Report
  • Book Reconciliation of YTD Depreciation Report
  • Component Additions by Category Report
  • Depreciation History by Month Report
  • Depreciation History by Year Report
  • Depreciation Projection by Category Report
  • Depreciation Projection by Cost Center Report
  • Depreciation Projection by Location Report
  • Fixed Asset Distribution Report
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