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Release 1.1 is now available!
  • An Administrator is required for the system.  The Administrator is the only user who can perform system tasks such as adding users to the system and maintaining master system information.
  • User logins with encrypted passwords are standard
  • Purchase Orders can now be now be printed as Laser Forms freeing the user from preprinted forms
  • Inquiries of historical information can now be displayed or printed in a date range.
  • The Vendor Contact System has been added to Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable with Bank Reconciliation

Accounts Payable writes checks and tracks credits, discounts, partial payments and recurring expenses.  An 
extensive report library and the ability to process numerous inquiry types help you manage the details of your 
business expenses.

Highlights of Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Standard Reports

Accounts Payable Specifications

Highlights of Accounts Payable

  • Permits user-defined check formats
  • Generates recurring payables
  • Allows you to scroll General Ledger accounts when entering or editing payables
  • Accommodates pre-payments (deposits) without creating an invoice
  • Allows vendor payments to a separate remit-to address
  • Allows applying open debit memos to selected invoices
  • Supports line item or Value Added Tax (VAT) with as many as 26 user-defined codes
  • Tracks and reports non-check invoice payments (i.e., vendor invoices paid by credit card)
  • Displays or prints up to 24 months of purchase histories
  • Business Status Report performs real-time financial data reporting for nearly 30 key business
    measurements, including Current Balance, Net Cash Forecast, Approved to Pay, Period-to-Date 
    Payables, Payments and Discounts/Adjustments
  • Allows unlimited partial payments on open invoices
  • Identifies and calculates early payment discounts
  • Provides for user-defined payables aging
  • Provides warning when vendor credit limits are exceeded
  • Default vendor payable and expense accounts improve ease in data entry
  • All system-generated reports can be displayed on the screen, saved to a file or sent to a printer
  • Select vendor records according to full or partial customer ID, telephone number or from pick
  • Identifies and pays invoices according to discount, due date, invoice number or vendor number
  • Allows vendor payment classification--payment hold, purchase hold or both.
  • Accounts Payable can be used separately or linked with any of the following AccountiX applications:
                                 General Ledger and Purchase Orders.               
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    Accounts Payable Standard Reports
  • 1099 Forms (Magnetic Media)
  • Accounts Payable Distribution Report
  • Accounts Payable Journal
  • Aged Payable (Past Due & Forecast)
  • Approved to Pay
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Business Status Report
  • Cash Disbursement
  • Cash Requirements
  • Check Register
  • Checks (in user-defined top stub format)
  • Credit Card Transaction
  • Discount (Pending & Lost)
  • Invoice Register
  • Master Accounts Payable Journal
  • Recurring Payables
  • Select Accounts Payable Journal
  • Summary Aging
  • VAT Report
  • Vendor File (Summary & Detail)
  • Vendor Mailing & Folder Labels

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    Accounts Payable Specifications
  • Maximum number of companies: 99
  • Maximum number of departments per company: 999
  • Maximum number of vendors: Limited by disk space
  • Maximum number of checking accounts: Virtually unlimited
  • Maximum credit limit: $9,999,999
  • Maximum YTD purchases from vendor: 9,999,999.99
  • Maximum invoice total: $999,999.99
  • Maximum tax rate: 99.999%
  • Maximum due days: 999
  • Maximum days for discount: 999
  • Maximum number of invoices per check: Unlimited
  • Maximum Sales Discount: 99.999%
  • Maximum Payment Discount: 99.999%
  • 35 character vendor name
  • 6 character vendor number
  • On-line inquires available on: orders, receipts, checks, payables and bank reconciliation
  • Up to 14 levels of password protection

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