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AccountiX Product Overview

In order to introduce the newest version of AccountiX, AccountiX, Inc. proudly announces  the Get Acquainted package.  This consists of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.  A complete  package for every business.   This package is available now  for $495.00.  If customization is desired, the Get Acquainted Source Code package for $895.00 is the ticket. To purchase one of these packages, select Get Acquainted at the AX Store

Coupled  with the  economy  and power of  LINUX, AccountiX provides a package designed to provide the power and flexibility required by business today.  Using the FoxPro for Unix and Recital database languages, AccountiX provides unparalleled ease of modification.  The package is available for multi-user compiled and multi-user source code.  All documentation is provided in PDF files readable in LINUX and windows.  The package provides capability for users limited only by the power of you hardware. 

Release 1.2 is now in distribution.  There are many enhancements in this release, including user logins, salesperson control, printing of laser forms on blank paper, and many others.  In partnership with Esker Software, AccountiX can now fax forms such as Invoice, Sales Orders, Customer Statements and Purchase Orders.  Esker Software's VSI-FAX is used for this feature.   Faxes are sent as a function of the printing of these forms.  Faxes can be sent either to a fax machine or by email.  Examples of this feature can be seen at Sample Forms. Visit the application pages for more detail information.

Business accounting software
An affordable “get started” strategy
AccountiX works the way you do
Help when and where you need it
Proven quality and stability
Here for you today, and into the new century
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Index of AccountiX Modules

       System Manager
       General Ledger
       Accounts Receivable
       Accounts Payable
       Sales Orders
       Purchase Orders
       Job Cost
       Time Billing
       Fixed Assets

Business accounting software

If your company is growing, or cost-conscious, or under competitive pressure--you need industry standard accounting.  Accounting has its own set of rules and regulations.  Your company will be measured -- by the IRS, by auditors, by investors -- on how well you implement standard accounting capabilities.  With solid financial data, you are better able to project sales figures, determine when and what to order, evaluate vendors and manage for growth. Good financial information puts you in control.

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An affordable "get-started" strategy

AccountiX software is modular, so you can start with a basic system and add to it as your needs grow.  Get on board with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.  Then add specialized applications such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and PayrollAccountiX is powerful enough to handle a large number of users for data entry or data display.  You can begin with one user and add as many as you need. For instance, you could automate your accounting department functions first, then provide real-time information access to selected line managers.

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AccountiX works the way you do!

Every business is different. Compare a legal office, with a critical need for time billing information, to a clothing manufacturer, with inventory control requirements.  Can these two companies use the same accounting software?  They can if the software has open architecture, which means that it can be modified and customized to meet unique requirements.  AccountiX is completely modifiable.  Unlike other products that only let you play with report formats or screen colors, AccountiX offers a completely open architecture to accommodate your business precisely.

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Help when and where you need it

The built-in Help feature puts user documentation on-line, with answers only a keystroke away.  And, since AccountiX is modifiable, you can add your own company's policies and procedures to the Help files.  Accounting software touches every part of your business.  For expert assistance with installation, customization, system design, training or support, AccountiX, Inc. can provide contacts with a network of more than 4,000 authorized dealers servicing 150,000 business users in 60 countries worldwide.

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Proven quality and stability

Financial information is sensitive. AccountiX software has a solid track record of satisfied customers.  In use for more than a decade, AccountiX software has grown up with some of the nation's best-known corporations.  AccountiX is the newest version of this reliable, proven software.

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Here for you today, and into the new century

Here's just some of what you can do with AccountiX:

  • track your fastest--and slowest--moving products
  • rank your top customers and vendors
  • forecast revenue based on past and current data
  • check expenses and cash flow on a real time basis
  • see which orders are waiting to be shipped
  • Increased security with user logins with encrypted passwords.
  • Cash drawers assigned at login for control of the Cash Drawer(s)
  • Multiple Cash Drawer capability
  • With the inclusion of Laser Forms, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Statements can be printed on blank paper with the form printed
  • use exclusive technology to get instant access to data that's current to the last input
  • view incoming vendor shipments with delivery dates and costs
  • export data to Microsoft Excel or Word
  • get instant views of data in standard and user-defined formats via File Browsers
  • use Business Status Report to forecast revenue, expenses, cash flow and gross margin
  • retrieve information at any time, from any field, from any file, for any user

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Need To Know More?

AccountiX accounting software has eleven applications. It is based on the version 9.0 of the VisionPoint product line in use by over 250,000 business users in 60 countries.  Information on each of the eleven applications can be accessed by clicking on one of the selections listed under Index of AccountiX Modules

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Manuals for AccountiX are available in PDF format.  These may be downloaded from the Manual Page.

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