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AccountiX takes pride in announcing the addition of user login with encrypted passwords to the package.  In addition, AccountiX can now provide a Laser Forms module.  This frees a business from the cost of preprinted forms for Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Customer Statements.  A trial version including this new enhancement can be found on the download page.   This continues as a modular, integrated package designed to maximize benefits for the end-user.  Utilizing the power of the Linux/Unix operating systems, AccountiX provides maximum capability at an economical cost.  AccountiX now runs with the 2.4 kernel with Red Hat 7.3 & 8.0.  For information on implementing FoxPro for Unix on the 2.4 kernel, click here!   AccountiX is available for SCO Unix and many releases of Linux from Red Hat and United Linux


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AccountiX is available in both  modifiable source code and compiled formats.  No longer does an accounting package dictate a firms method of doing business!  The package can be easily customized to meet the needs of any business.

We market the product through a network of professional resellers nationwide.  Contact us either by phone or e-mail and we will find a solution for you accounting problems.  


The package currently runs under FoxPro for Unix. We are in the process of migrating the package to Recital.   As a result of this development, AccountiX will add features such as automatic rollback, access to Oracle, DB2 and other databases. This will also enable AccountiX to be available on the multiple machine platforms which  Recital supports. Utilizing Recital's Mirage package, AccountiX will be available to run on the WEB.   


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Window Connectivity!
AccountiX is available on Windows 95/98/2000 networks.  With the use of FacetWIN for Linux and TinyTERM from Century Software, Windows machines can talk to a Linux Server across a network.  Linux reliability for the AccountiX application coupled with application flexibility for office productivity.  A powerful combination!


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In order to give a true feel of the package, provision has been made to try the package out over the Internet.  Download the trial version of TinyTERM from Century Software.  Give us a call at (210)826-4808 and we will provide an address for you to log in and view the package in real time.

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AccountiX is looking for resellers to join the marketing team at AccountiX.  For information on becoming a member of the team, contact us at (210)826-4808 or fill out a request for information and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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For more information, call us at (210) 826-4808, fax us at (210) 826-4832, e-mail us at, or click here and tell us a little about your company.  We’ll contact you.

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